Suite with private jacuzzi

Our romantic weekend will include several special offers to make your stay even more memorable.

Let yourself be pampered in this cocoon of love, where every detail has been thought out to create an unparalleled experience. Enjoy an all -inclusive romantic weekend , where luxury , comfort and serenity are at the rendezvous.

Get ready to live magical moments, where precious memories will be written together.

Romantic weekend with a private spa

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romantic decoration

When you walk through the doors of Unique Gîte, you will be warmly welcomed into a true haven of romance. To add a touch of magic to your stay, L'Unique gîte offers you a personalized romantic decoration, available for only 30 euros. As you open the door, prepare to be amazed by the enchanting atmosphere that awaits you. Delicate roses, fluttering balloons and a vibrant heart of passion will instantly transport you to a world of sweetness and romance. Every detail of this neat decoration has been thought out to mark the event and create unforgettable memories. So let yourself be seduced by this magical atmosphere and get ready to experience a magical stay at the Unique Gîte.

Bouquet of flowers - Sweets and chocolates

To make your stay even more special, Gîte L'Unique offers a personalized welcome including an exquisite bouquet of flowers and a personalized menu. Imagine the surprise and joy lighting up the face of your loved one upon discovering this magnificent bouquet, imbued with beauty and freshness, accompanied by a card where you can express your most sincere feelings. But that's not all ! To add a touch of indulgence to your stay, there will also be delicious sweets and fine chocolates, for moments of sweetness to share for two. This attentive and personalized welcome is designed to mark the event and create precious memories in the romantic atmosphere of the Unique Gîte. So, let yourself be enveloped by this magical atmosphere as soon as you arrive and get ready to experience a most enchanting stay.

Continental breakfast

Gourmet board

Treat yourself to a complete and gourmet gastronomic experience with our charcuterie and cheese board for two people. Enjoy an exquisite selection of fine charcuterie and tasty cheeses, carefully prepared to satisfy your taste buds. Accompanied by our delicious homemade gazpacho (depending on the season), a homemade vegetable tart and a variety of raw vegetables and fresh fruits, this platter offers you a symphony of flavors and textures. Whether you are a fan of refined meats or delicate cheeses, this generous and balanced composition will satisfy all palates. Enjoy a moment of sharing and delight, where each bite transports you to an unforgettable taste journey.

Romantic weekend with a private spa

When you book the romantic weekend at Gîte l'Unique, you are immersed in an experience of unparalleled sweetness, specially designed for lovers of romance. This special offer, created with love and care, is an invitation to escape from everyday life and get lost in a world where love is king.

At the heart of this romantic offer, you will discover a subtle blend of small details that will awaken your deepest emotions. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a bewitching atmosphere, where each element has been designed to create a magical atmosphere. Delicate roses, balloons floating in the air and hearts beating to the rhythm of your love will compose a picture full of tenderness and passion.

But the romantic offer does not stop there. We have planned to spoil you with enchanting surprises. A bouquet of fragrant flowers and a personalized card will be there to express your most sincere feelings. *Sylvie will contact you by e-mail after booking to confirm each detail.

You will also be filled with sweets, with delicious sweets and chocolates that will melt your palate and your heart.

It is in this privileged atmosphere that you can abandon yourself to the beauty of the present moment. Enjoy every moment with your loved one, whether it's during a hand-in-hand walk, a romantic candlelit evening or a moment of complicity in the private spa of the duplex gîte. Let yourself be carried away by the emotion and the happiness of being together, and create precious memories that will warm your heart forever.

Booking a romantic weekend at Gîte l'Unique is a rare opportunity to live an extraordinary experience, where romance flourishes and is nourished by every moment. Let yourself be enchanted by this special offer, designed to satisfy lovers in search of exceptional moments. Come and create your unforgettable love story in the enchanting setting of Gîte l'Unique, where every detail has been thought out to make you live the most beautiful of romances.

Romantic weekend with a private spa

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Romantic relaxing weekend

Booking available soon

Do not hesitate to contact Sylvie for any request.

Romantic weekend with a private spa

Welcome to our dream hideaway, where luxurious romantic weekends come to life. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable getaway in Provence , where every moment is steeped in passion and emotion. Relax in our charming suite with private jacuzzi , offering a haven of peace for lovers looking for relaxation.

Romantic weekend in complete privacy

Enter a world where romance comes alive, where every moment is filled with passion and wonder.

Our charming cottage with private jacuzzi offers you a spellbinding escape, an intimate refuge for you and your loved one. As soon as you walk through the doors of our room with private jacuzzi , the atmosphere will take on a gentle tension, where eyes meet and hearts race.

Let yourself be enchanted by the warmth of the soothing waters, which envelop your bodies and awaken your senses. Every moment spent in this bubble of love will be a symphony of sensations, a passionate dance between the beating of your heart and the magic of the present moment. The murmur of dancing candles, the softness of rose petals, every detail has been thought out to create an unforgettable experience, a silent declaration of love.

Not far from the charming town of Anduze, our room with private jacuzzi offers you a romantic getaway where the cobbled streets and colorful facades give way to your love story. Dive into the crystal clear waters, let your worries melt away and allow the magic of love to envelop you.

Reservations will be open soon, write to us now to reserve your moment of happiness.

A unique experience awaits you, where emotion and romance mingle to weave precious memories.

In our charming cottage with private jacuzzi , let your love blossom and your heart soar.

Discover the Mas de S, our magnificent guest house nestled in the heart of the Gard, in Occitanie, not far from Nîmes. Treat yourself to an unusual night, where every moment will be imbued with romance and relaxation. When you arrive, let yourself be enchanted by the charm of our garden, a real oasis of tranquility.

Imagine yourself as a couple, in an intimate atmosphere, with a private spa at your disposal. Enjoy a magical evening, bathed in soothing bubbles, admiring the stars twinkling in the night sky. Our all-inclusive formula allows you to savor every moment without worry, from the gourmet lunch to the delicious meals prepared with love.

To make your stay even more memorable, we offer a selection of unusual activities to discover in the surrounding area. Discover the region's hidden treasures, explore historic sites, or opt for hikes in the heart of unspoiled nature. The possibilities are limitless.

Let yourself be tempted by a unique experience, where luxury and relaxation are the key words. Our guest house, nestled in lush greenery, promises you a romantic and relaxing stay. Book your romantic weekend now and let your heart race at the thought of this unique stay.

Come live an extraordinary experience, where emotion and human sense are at the rendezvous. Le Mas de S, with its private heated swimming pool and its warm atmosphere, is ideally located to offer you an unforgettable getaway in the heart of Occitania. Our attentive and passionate team will give you a warm welcome and will ensure that every detail is perfect. Come and enjoy the charm of the region, the surrounding activities and our all-inclusive formula, all at an attractive price. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing with you unique moments, imbued with luxury and emotion.