Bakery - L'unique sans gluten

At the heart of Mas de S, there lies a biscuit shop unlike any other.

Led by Sylvie, a certified chef and private caterer, this hostess crafts organic, gluten-free biscuits with love and precision. Sylvie places great importance on the quality of the ingredients she carefully selects. Her ingredient list is short, focusing on natural materials sourced from organic, French, and even Fair Trade origins. She favors minimally processed products and short supply chains to preserve the authentic taste of each biscuit. In her regulated laboratory, each biscuit is meticulously handcrafted before being thoughtfully packaged.

These delicious biscuits will be available online starting in autumn 2023, as well as in specialized organic stores, providing a delightful experience accessible to all, whether gluten-sensitive or simply mindful of their consumption. These sweet creations are sure to delight even the most discerning palates.

But Mas de S doesn't stop at biscuit production. It will also be the stage for cooking workshops, providing a genuine immersion into Sylvie's culinary world. Her philosophy is simple: fulfilling an ancient dream of sharing her love for cooking and expertise with her guests. Starting this autumn 2023, these culinary workshops will come to life in this enchanting setting.

Bakery - L'unique sans gluten

Led by Sylvie, a culinary graduate and home caterer, this mistress of the house lovingly and meticulously crafts organic cookies, dedicated to people who wish to indulge without gluten.
Gite Gard, gîte avec spa privatif

As soon as you step into this cozy house, a symphony of intoxicating scents fills the air. The enchanting aroma of freshly baked biscuits blends with that of homemade jams.

The wafts of Mediterranean cuisine, delicately prepared, promise you the true taste of happiness.

Beyond being just a biscuit shop, Mas de S. becomes a place of exchange and sharing.

Bakery - L'unique sans gluten

In this world where emotions are elevated by taste, every bite of biscuit becomes an invitation to savor life. Whether one is seeking gluten-free flavors or simply searching for an authentic culinary experience, Mas de S. and its gluten-free oriented biscuit shop will delight food enthusiasts and awaken the most discerning taste buds.

Coming soon, available for online purchase.