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chambre jacuzzi -Une Évasion Romantique

Chambre SPA privatif

Dans l'intimité de L'unique gîte, la chambre avec jacuzzi devient le théâtre d'un séjour teinté de poésie et de douceur. Imaginez un espace où le jacuzzi privatif se transforme en un cocon romantique, une love room où les amoureux peuvent s'évader du quotidien. Ici, au cœur de la nature, niché dans les paysages pittoresques de Provence, chaque nuit dans la chambre de l'unique gîte est une promesse d'émerveillement.

L'unique Gîte est un sanctuaire dédié à l'amour, où l'espace spa, équipé d'un jacuzzi intérieur, et la terrasse ouvrant sur la piscine et le jardin, est pensé pour deux. Les pétales de roses parsèment votre lit, invitant à la détente et aux moments privés. Un déjeuner inclus, servi en chambre, ou un dîner privé peut être arrangé, ajoutant une note gastronomique à votre séjour romantique.

Au cœur des préoccupations de Sylvie- propriétaire des lieux -, le bien-être de ces hôtes est sa priorité. Que vous veniez du nord ou que vous cherchiez à vous immerger dans la nature, la chambre indépendante est une invitation à l'insolite, un lieu de charme où le temps s'arrête. À L'Unique Gîte, le romantisme se vit dans le détail : un lit accueillant, un jacuzzi réconfortant, et le charme d'une location où chaque place est une fenêtre sur la détente.

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week-end en amoureux avec jacuzzi privatif occitanie

Rare and precious

In the region of Alès in the Cévennes, Mas L'Unique reveals itself next to the Carolingian castle of Montmoirac (8th century), blending restored old stones - lime plaster, ancient tiles, exposed beams - with contemporary touches.

Private residence with a heated pool in the style of a Roman basin and an indoor spa.

Saint-Christol-lès-Alès Cottage

Le Mas de S is delighted to welcome you to its unique and exceptional cottage, featuring a suite with a private jacuzzi. Thanks to its geographical location overlooking the entire Gardon plain, you are invited to experience an unparalleled stay in a peaceful and authentic setting.

With its private heated pool in a Roman basin style and its indoor private spa offering an exceptional view, you are guaranteed a stay filled with pleasures in the midst of nature.

Spa Privatif : Votre Oasis

Découvrez notre chambre avec spa privatif, un espace de détente où chaque détail a été pensé pour votre bien-être. Que ce soit pour une nuit ou un séjour plus long, notre spa est le coeur de votre expérience romantique. Avec une vue imprenable sur les étoiles, notre terrasse devient le théâtre de vos soirées en amoureux, et la piscine un lieu de fraîcheur et de plaisir.

Demeure privée avec piscine chauffée de style bassin romain et SPA intérieur

Warm and delicate atmosphere

Escape to our haven of peace, a place where romance and serenity reign. Far from the troubles of daily life, let yourself be guided by the mistress of the house, Sylvie, who lives there with her husband.

As you step through the doors of the farmhouse, you will be transported into a world of relaxation and gentle living. A residence where the aromas of biscuits, jams, and Mediterranean cuisine will tantalize your taste buds as soon as you cross the threshold.

The Mas and the Cottage have been completely renovated by the owners and are a true cocoon where you can recharge at your leisure. You will be warmly welcomed and can tailor your stay according to your desires and needs. Here, there are no constraints, no imposed table d'hôte, only the freedom to choose.

If you feel like enjoying your cozy nest in complete privacy, we offer you the opportunity to discover Sylvie's culinary talents. As a qualified chef, she can provide you with a customizable breakfast, with most of the products homemade, and for dinner, her range of locally cooked dishes with accompaniments and desserts prepared without coloring or preservatives (served in jars or glasses), to be savored at the time of your choice, in the intimacy of your room or terrace.

Come and experience a unique and rejuvenating stay in this charming cottage nestled in the heart of the Cévennes, in Gard, France.

Pour un moment où chaque détail célèbre l'amour, que ce soit pour déclarer votre flamme ou fêter une union, Sylvie est celle à contacter pour un apéritif personnalisé ou un repas mémorable.

Chambre avec spa privatif

Amour sur Mesure : Apéritifs et Dîners Romantiques par Sylvie

Pour une soirée émaillée d'éclats romantiques, si le désir d'un apéritif sur mesure ou d'un dîner exquis vous anime, afin de susurrer vos douces paroles d'amour ou de célébrer les liens sacrés de votre union (que ce soit votre nuit de noces ou l'anniversaire de votre mariage), n'hésitez pas à contacter Sylvie. Elle saura tisser pour vous des moments inoubliables, où chaque détail sera pensé pour magnifier votre amour.

 week end en amoureux avec jacuzzi privatif gard

A moment of relaxation, a memorable experience in complete privacy.

Exceptional Residence

The little corner of paradise in France

Located in a little corner of paradise in France, our establishment is surrounded by a multitude of activities to suit every taste. Whether you are nature lovers, culture enthusiasts, or gastronomy aficionados, the possibilities are endless. You can visit the magnificent castles and medieval villages in the region, take walks in the lush forests, explore the surrounding vineyards, and indulge in tasting the finest wines of the area. You can also relax on the sandy beaches. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to do in the vicinity of our little corner of paradise, ensuring that your stay is as enriching as it is unforgettable.

week-end en amoureux avec jacuzzi privatif occitanie
 week end en amoureux avec jacuzzi privatif gard

Gite in Saint-Christol-lès-Alès

Romantic suite with spa

For a romantic night in Gard, stay in our romantic suite with a spa. Occitanie is an ideal destination for a couple's getaway.

Indulge in a moment of relaxation in an enchanting setting and enjoy a unique experience with your partner.

We will also offer options to make your romantic weekend in Gard unforgettable. Make the most of everything Gard has to offer for a memorable romantic experience in France.

Spacious gite in Gard with breathtaking views

If you're looking for a peaceful retreat in nature for a romantic getaway, the unique and secluded gite in the heart of the Cévennes in France is perfect for you.

This spacious and comfortable gite is ideal for two people and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the Cévennes nature during your stay.

✔Secluded gite in the Cévennes nature

✔Gite for 2 people in the Cévennes

Gite with private heated swimming pool in France

We offer our gite with a heated pool for unforgettable memories.

Enjoy a relaxing moment at any time of the day, including twilight or under the stars. The calm and relaxation of the water will allow you to recharge and escape from everyday life.

Unwind and enjoy a memorable stay.

Mountain bikes available

- 2 electric mountain bikes at your disposal

- Hiking trails to discover on foot or by mountain bike

Our animal friends

Our animal friends are not allowed.

Adaptation of the premises

For your tranquility and due to the layout of the premises and the presence of stairs, we inform you that the house is not suitable for young children.

Unfortunately, places with old stairs are not wheelchair accessible, which can make access difficult or even impossible for individuals with disabilities.

Biscuiterie Lunique

Sylvie, the owner of the establishment, is a passionate cook who prepares exceptional dishes to be enjoyed on-site. She specializes in crafting gluten-free biscuits using 100% organic French or locally sourced ingredients, without any preservatives, additives, palm oil, soy lecithin, or artificial flavors. The biscuits are entirely made and shaped in her laboratory. Discover her world by savoring her creations.

Organic products - Responsible stay

The gite offers an unforgettable eco-friendly experience. Once on site, you will find a soap dispenser for waste-free use. The shower is equipped with liquid soap for body and hair, as well as a moisturizing liquid makeup remover based on aloe vera. Organic reusable cotton pads are also available to reduce waste. Zero waste for a sustainable and responsible stay.

Organic products from Gravier laboratory ✔

Breakfast at the Gîte

Au Gîte L'Unique, we have exactly what you need! We offer not just one, but two delightful breakfast options to please your taste buds.

The first choice is our famous Continental Breakfast, which takes you on a journey through sweet and traditional flavors. Picture yourself savoring delicious pastries, accompanied by homemade jams, fresh fruits, and a selection of crispy breads. This breakfast highlights the sweet delights often associated with a classic morning experience.

However, if you desire an even richer and more flavorful experience, we present our second option: the Brunch. Our Brunch is a true culinary delight that combines the best of both worlds. It blends the delights of the Continental Breakfast with an enticing selection of savory dishes that will satisfy all palates.

So, if you crave a traditional sweet Continental Breakfast, you're in the right place. But don't hesitate to indulge in our exceptional Brunch, which offers you the best of both gastronomic worlds. At Gîte L'Unique, we are here to provide you with an unforgettable and delicious morning experience.

Dinner at the Gîte

Discover the gourmet delights offered at Gîte L'Unique. Treat yourself to an authentic culinary experience with our gourmet platter : Cévennes cold cuts, Local cheeses from our region, Homemade Brandade, Homemade Foie gras, Seasonal LOCAL fruits, Green Gaspacho with hints of LOCAL asparagus (depending on the season). If you prefer a complete meal, contact Sylvie for an option of starter, main course, and dessert. Indulge in a flavorful cuisine and contact Sylvie now!

This gite is a true haven of peace that possesses all the qualities to seduce you. Relax in the indoor private spa while admiring the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. On one side, the Mont Ventoux, on the other, the Mont St Clair.

Also, enjoy the private heated swimming pool from April 15th to October 15th and the outdoor terrace for moments of relaxation in complete privacy. With its bohemian look and tranquility, this gite is perfect for a romantic getaway or a relaxing stay.

See the Gite

Évasion Romantique en Cévennes: Un Gîte de Charme au Cœur du Gard

Located in the picturesque village of Saint-Christol-lès-Alès in france, our charming gite in the Cévennes is nestled within a traditional stone farmhouse. With its exceptional setting in the heart of the preserved nature of Gard, our gite offers a truly unique vacation experience.

During your stay, you can enjoy our beautiful relaxation room with a spa, perfect for savoring delicious meals prepared with care. Our farmhouse, dating back to the 18th century, is a true architectural gem that harmoniously combines the charm of the old with modern comforts.

For relaxation enthusiasts, our swimming pool is a true haven of peace. Dive into its crystal-clear waters and soak up the sun on the loungers that surround the pool. The outdoor space also offers stunning views of the Rouret Natural Park, where you can indulge in hiking and cycling.

Our charming gite is ideally located for exploring the picturesque villages of Gard. Nearby, you will find charming villages such as Anduze with its famous pottery, as well as remarkable natural sites such as the Cévennes National Park.

For a charming gite rental in the Cévennes, our establishment offers a spacious bedroom and gite, perfect for a night or a longer stay. Let yourself be enchanted by the exceptional beauty of our farmhouse in the heart of the preserved nature of Gard, France.

Ce gîte de charme, situé à Saint-Christol-lès-Alès, combine élégamment tradition et confort moderne dans un cadre naturel exceptionnel. Idéal pour les couples, il promet la détente avec son jacuzzi privatif, et la découverte des richesses du Gard.

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